I Have come to the end of my first year at Uni. I have finished my 28 page spread newspaper and created/ styled photo-shoots in London, Yorkshire, sussex. I Have learnt to use InDesign, photography, photoshop and create websites. I have have also made what was once a small idea into a whole project with various research and development. Even though Im sad for the year to be over.. Im excited to use my new founded talents in the summer and get ready for my second year. 


Creating my newspaper In Indesign. 

Not Easy.. especially if you have never used it before, but after getting the hang of it i loved the programme. 

My final newspaper.

Creating my Newspaper

So I am currently creating my newspaper for my final project on the SIXTIES. 

What i want my magazine to include

  • Sixties influence of fashion today
  • How we recycle fashion
  • Looking back at sixties fashion
  • Why sixties was such a revolution
  • Photo’s to back idea’s and illustrate. 

How am I going to show this?

  • Photo-shoots - My final chosen photos I want to include
  • Article- (I want to include an article on fashion in the sixties and fashion)
  • Interview- I want to include the interview I did with Jan De Villeneuve who was a high fashion model in the sixties with photos she has sent me Via Email.
  • Text - Caption (Emplaning where clothes are from and prices) Introduction to photo-shoots
  • Quotes - I want to include inspiration quotes I like that I think fit in with the aim of my newspaper. 

Putting My Newspaper together

7th May. I can now thankfully say i have completed my first 28 page magazine using InDesign 

Take a Look -




- I Decided i wanted to try out having another character in the photo-shoot, so i asked my friend sophie to help model. I wanted to show, someone colour contrasting with the plain. Even though i do like sophie in the shoot, i feel it took away from the subject matter of sixties and confuses the viewer. 


Wednesday 24th April

Model: Jessie Payne

Dress: Plain white (topshop)

- Wanted to show Jessie before, the burst of paint. I wanted her to be all in white so when the pain comes in its much more effective and shows the burst of colour symbolising the Burst into the Sixties.

Location: I decided i wanted to go into my fields and woods as i wanted it to be more natural. I wanted to explore the subject matter more than the fashion in this photo shoot and show it by nature and burst of colour with the paint. The woods very much fit in well for my idea. 


- Because my theme is Sixties and im exploring how the sixties was such a Fashion Revolution, i wanted to include a fun, wacky photo shoot consisting of paint being chucked symbolising a burst of Colour. In the sixties we started experimenting with fashion there was no rules or regulation people were free to dress how they liked when they liked. Before, fashion was mainly aimed at wealthy people and everyone looked towards High fashion for influence, then Designer’s like Mary Quant said “have fun with fashion” “dont dress as your mothers” and created a whole new target audience for fashion the YOUTH. Fashion became such a burst of fun and colour, so much so the High fashion like Dior had to start looking towards the high street for inspiration which had never before happened in fashion. Creating the BACKWARDS FORWARDS shift which i am using as a key theme in my Newspaper